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Respect for the Individual

We treat each other with respect and dignity, valuing individual and cultural differences. We communicate frequently and with candor, engaging in healthy debate and listening to each other, regardless of position or level. We work hard to create an environment that respects individuals in an atmosphere of open communication, growth, and learning.

Passion for Serving Members

We enable individuals to use their capabilities to the fullest to deliver exemplary products and services to members. That enablement extends to being passionate advocates in advancing our global profession. We care for all members and each other--building enduring relationships--and driving continuous improvement. We appropriately recognize our volunteer leaders, who are so giving of their time and expertise.

Highest Standards of Integrity and Trust

We understand and abide by the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice in our everyday actions. Our personal conduct ensures that the IMA name is always worthy of trust--our members around the globe deserve nothing less. We treat each other fairly, keep our promises, make decisions objectively, take responsibility for our actions, and admit our mistakes. We maintain confidentiality as appropriate.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

We believe innovation and a spirit of continuous improvement are engines that keep us relevant, vital, and growing. Our culture embraces creativity and seeks different perspectives. We behave like owners of a “business,” managing risks and identifying new opportunities in serving members and advancing the profession.

Teaming to Achieve

We encourage and reward both individual and team achievements, proactively working across organizational boundaries to always “remember the member.” Our spirit of team achievement extends to advancing our profession and to being responsible and caring partners within our various communities.